• Step one

    Find your perfect bike and subscribe monthly.

  • Step two

    Receive your bike. Delivered direct to your door. Have fun!

  • Step three

    Exchange your bike or request a repair as needed.

Why Bike Club

  • Always the Perfect Size

    Exchange your bike as your child grows. You'll never have to worry about unexpected purchases because of a growth spurt.

  • Flexible

    No minimum term or deposit. Simply exchange your bike as your child grows or cancel at anytime.

  • Affordable

    Forget about large upfront costs! Just small monthly payments on the day of your choosing.

  • Sustainable

    Our team of expert mechanics refurbish all returned bikes. Reducing waste and CO2 emissions.

  • Woom

    Woom Bikes Guarantee fun on two wheels! They are light and ergonomic bicycles that help learning and skill development at each stage of growth. Check out our range of Woom bikes and find the perfect one for your kids.

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  • Orbea

    At Bike Club, we trust in the excellence of Orbea. With nearly 100 years of experience in the world of cycling, this brand is synonymous with quality and durability. Orbea children's bicycles offer innovative design and a smooth ride, giving your children the freedom to explore new horizons in safety and style.

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  • Forme

    Discover Forme, the British brand that combines design and quality in its children's bicycles. With a wide range of options for all ages, your children will enjoy an exciting pedalling experience as they explore the world with Forme bikes.

    Explore Forme 
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