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Subscription Period, Cancellation and Return

1- The term of your subscription ("Subscription Period") is agreed in the Order Process. The bike subscription is for personal, non-commercial use.

2- If we have agreed to a monthly Subscription, the Subscription Period is 31 days from the date indicated in the Order Process and is automatically extended from month to month, unless canceled in accordance with these TCAs. You or we may cancel a monthly subscription at any time for convenience with one month's notice. The subscription will end one month after the other party has been informed of the cancellation of the service. In no case will you be entitled to returns or credits in your favor if you return the bicycle before the end of the Subscription Period.

3- We have the right to cancel your subscription without prior notice in the following cases:

For breach of their duty to pay the bicycle rental fee; For breach of the rules of use of Clause 4 TCA; yFor false statements or repeated use of our products in an inappropriate manner.

4- Any communication of cancellation must be made in writing, being valid the communication by email.

5- If your subscription has ended, but you want to continue with the subscription, you can reactivate it by email free of charge. If the cancellation and return of the bicycle have already occurred and you wish to reactivate the subscription, there may be management fees.

6- When the cancellation of the subscription takes effect, you will be obliged to return the bicycle and any other object provided by us at the time (particularly the keys and padlock). If you return the bike before your subscription cancellation takes effect, your rights with us end at the time of return. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we reserve the right to charge the rental fee until the cancellation of your subscription takes full effect. We will pick up the bicycle at your home with a charge of 9.99 euros (within Barcelona). You can continue using the bike until the last day of your subscription.

7- In case you do not return the bike on time, when the cancellation of your subscription takes full effect, we reserve the right to charge a late delivery fee of 5 EUR per day, up to a maximum of 35 EUR until you return the bike; reactivate your subscription or contract a new subscription plan.

9- If you do not return the bicycle within 7 days after the effective cancellation of your subscription, and you do not reactivate it, we reserve the right to take the appropriate legal actions against you. In this case, we will be entitled to charge a retention fee of between 250 and 400 EUR depending on the bike.